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Believe It or Not: 15 Real Life Wedding Guest Fails

You may be worried about messing up the vows or forgetting to put on your veil or tripping down the aisle. But your wedding guests are just as likely to have their own mishaps! While it is your day, and your mishaps will typically be a little more apparent, your guests are not completely off the hook.

Be prepared for the inevitable accidents that are bound to take place on your big day. Whether it is you or your guests, don’t let these little things ruin your day. Mishaps can lighten the mood, make your wedding more memorable, and be completely hilarious! Just ask these guests:

1. Bouquet Beatdown

“At a cousin’s wedding there was a full-out brawl for the bouquet toss. Being young and extremely single at the time, even though I completely hated the tradition, I was goaded into standing up with the other girls for the toss. I was standing about mid crowd, trying to disappear, when the bride tossed the bouquet right into my hands. WHAM—I was seeing stars. A bridesmaid had punched me in the face and stole the bouquet! While I was still standing there in shock trying to comprehend what had just happened, the groom’s brother’s girlfriend tried to wrestle it out of the bridesmaid’s hands. The two girls were actually rolling on the floor at one point trying to win this bouquet. Needless to say, both were single by the end of the night.” –SoonToBeMrsKlein

2. Sweetheart(s)?

“Someone once sat at the sweetheart table! It’s the only table for two in the middle of the room.” –Anna

3. Regretful Stilletos

“I wore stiletto heels to an outdoor wedding (I wasn’t aware it was going to be outdoors!) and fell on my face.” –Rachelle

4. Gag-worthy Speech

“While the speeches were going on my mom puked on herself. Of course she was wearing white and eating lasagna.” –Jerome

5. Body Slam Gone Wrong

“One guest broke another guest’s leg at my wedding with a drunken body slam in the parking lot. I ended up having to drive another drunken guest’s car to a hotel after the wedding because no one else knew how to drive a stick shift. Picture a wedding dress hiked up to the knees while shifting gears.” –Karen

6. Frugality to a Fault

“My groom’s relatives were wrapping up food in cocktail napkins and filling their purses and pockets from the buffet line. Plus we had a $4,000 bar bill and it was 1975. Do you think they were pouring drinks in their purses too?” –Denise

7. Lovely but Long Winded

“We love our friends, but we seriously thought their speeches were never going to end! The band was scheduled to go on around 9:30 and didn’t actually start playing until 10:00 PM. We had scheduled in a break for them at 10:15 to do the cake cutting, which we decided to push back a little so they didn’t just leave the stage after playing a few songs.” –Michelle

8. Lost but not Least

“Dad got lost on way from church to reception.” -Michael

9. Party Foul

“The maid of honor’s husband brought an iPad to the reception so he could watch a basketball game. He propped it up on the table and shouted ‘yeah!’ and ‘oh!’ loudly as he watched… during the father of the bride’s speech! The rest of the room was quiet except for the sports fanatic.” –Annie

10. Friendly Photobomb

Not all photo bombers are mean-spirited or jokesters. Some honestly just want a better view of the bride and groom!

11. Where’s the Bride?

Note to self: ask Great-Aunt Sue for a picture of the bride and groom walking down the aisle. The wedding photographer’s shot was a little obstructed.

12. The Trip, Hit, and Plunge

Tripping while standing at the altar is one thing. Hitting the bride on the way down is another. And sending her plunging into water is just an added bonus.

13. Shot to the Head

In the midst of excitement, it can be difficult to control where you point your confetti gun. Take it from this guy.

14. Cake Smash

wedding guest fails

Usually the bride and groom are the ones duking it out, trying to smash cake into each other’s faces. This guest didn’t want to miss out on the action.

15. Just for Kicks and Giggles…

If the previous 14 wedding guest fails weren’t quite enough, enjoy this video compilation from Fail Army. Laugh, blush, smirk, and remember that all these things could happen to you on your big day!

Learn to deal with unpleasant wedding guests!

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