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A Must Read: The Pros And Cons Of Having A Wedding Planner

You’ve recently gotten engaged, yeah? Congratulations! I know you have a ton of questions about what to do next! That is ok… It’s pretty normal.  There are many plans and decisions to make; Things to do before your big day! Hopefully you’ve got an ample amount of time before your big day comes. If you don’t have enough time, how about asking for help from the professionals? What are the pros and cons of hiring a wedding planner?



The wedding planner will oversee all the details for you. You don’t have to worry about those small details that you will more than likely forget about later on. The weight will be lifted off your shoulders when you realize that you do indeed have someone to take care of the pesky little details.

Problem Solve

Have an issue on your big day? An issue so large that may be disastrous? No worries, your wedding planner will swoop in and take over. Chances are, you won’t even know that there was a problem on your big day because your wedding planner will take care of it all, big or small.

Different Ideas

Want to make your wedding more personal to you and your groom? Your wedding planner has been through countless weddings before, this is the time for them to let their knowledge shine! They will more than likely have tips or tricks to make your wedding your own.

Save You Time

The time that you will spend on making all of the little details of your wedding happen, will be taken care of. The phone calls you will have to make? Also taken care of. You wedding planner takes care of anything from creating a budget to planning the honeymoon. This help is a total time saver! You go, wedding planner!



All the work the wedding planner will do for you won’t be free. That would be unfair! Your wedding planner will be an additional cost. They will more than likely have a larger price tag than not. The average price of a wedding planner is $3,600. Yikes!


Control freak brides… This will be something that will be tricky for you. You will have to give up control. Your wedding planner will need your consent to make authoritative decisions when it comes to your wedding. Just try to remember that this is for the best.


Because you’re using a wedding planner, you wedding may seem to be generic. Because the wedding planner plays such a big part in the wedding planning, they may not know exactly what you personal style is. As hard as they may try, it may not work out.


You may have difficulty connecting with a specific wedding planner. It is ok to move along to the next planner if you don’t like the first. Finding someone that will work well with you may be difficult, but make sure that take into consideration that if you don’t work well with your planner, you may not get results that you want to see in the end.

So, you decide… Would hiring a wedding planner be better than not? Ask yourself if you have enough time and energy to complete everything that needs to be done! If you need the help and have the means, go for it! If the cons outweigh the pros, no worries! You’ve got time; You just need to organize to your best ability. Best of luck and happy planning!

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