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What Not to Wear: The Do’s & Don’ts of What to Wear to a Wedding

Of all those present at a wedding, the bride’s dress and the groom’s suit should be the most memorable clothing items. But wedding guests should not underestimate their attire responsibilities. Fashion missteps can rudely transfer focus from the bride and groom. While guests have a large degree of freedom, they should also be conscious of particular attire expectations, and strive to stay within those guidelines.



What to Wear to a Wedding: Women


Female guests, in particular, must tread lightly with their clothing decisions as to not offend the bride. Many women dream about their weddings ever since childhood. Hours are spent researching and deciding on the perfect wedding dress. She may complement her look with a veil, belt, jewelry, or other accessories until she feels more beautiful than she has ever felt in her whole life.


What to Wear to a Fall Wedding

Fall is a beautiful time of year to have a wedding. The leaves are getting crisp, the air is getting chilly, and it is time to bring out the hot cocoa and coffee. When dressing for a fall wedding, you want to dress warm, but not the same as you would dress for a winter wedding because it is not that cold out yet. Keep in mind some of these outfit ideas for the next October wedding you attend!

Long Sleeve and Lace

Lace is always in style, so why not rock it? As long as you are not wearing white (please, be respectful and have the decency to not wear white), long sleeve lace dresses are the way to go! They give you the warmth you need on your arms, but still show off those summer legs and tan!

Long Sleeve Maxi

Long sleeve maxis do not have to be boring! Dress them up or down with jewelry or a scarf, and keep a cardigan on handy in case it gets cold during the ceremony or when driving to the reception venue. Printed maxis are also a great option!


Jumpsuits are incredibly convenient because you can dress them up or dress them down. Dress them up with your favorite pair of heels, a nice watch, and your favorite purse, or dress it down with your favorite pair of sandals or flip flops and your favorite shades.


What to Wear to a Winter Wedding

When planning a what to wear to a wedding, you want something that is both functional and stylish, especially if the wedding is in the Winter. Most likely the Winter wedding you are going to is not held outside, this leaves for ample varieties of outfits you can wear. You can incorporate winter accessories to include the season while at the same time looking fabulous. Here are some outfit ideas!

Statement Skirt & Stockings

With a statement skirt and contrasting stockings you will be sure to arrive to your Winter wedding in style. Your outfit can become even trendier by adding a fuzzy sweater and statement necklace. This outfit is perfect for the chic guest who wants to stand out yet still be comfortable at a wedding.

Tulle Skirt & Sweater

Make you outfit glam with this fluffy, tulle skirts and pairing it with a bright sweater and glamorous chunky necklace. Your skirt will replicate the white snow outside and your bright red sweater will bring the Christmas Season into the already joyous event. Rock this winter look with confidence and you will be sure to be the outfit envy of all of the guests.

Fur & Dark Dress

Implementing fur into a Winter wedding outfit is both useful for keeping you warm and stylish. Pair a light fur with a deep colored dress, like red or blue, to create visual interest in your outfit. Fur is always in and will make your outfit look luxurious and trendy.


What to Wear to a Spring Wedding

Dressing for a Spring wedding can be tricky, you never know if the wedding is going to fall on a particularly hot spring day or on a day where the weather is not sure if it wants to be Winter or Spring. When planning for a Spring outdoor wedding you have to be very careful, but if it is indoors you only have to worry about staying cool during the time that you are inside.

Colorful Dress

When you think of Spring, you think of color. Dress in a bright, fun color to celebrate the season of Spring and to also celebrate the new season of life that the bride and groom are entering into. Deter from the normal black dress to a wedding by wearing a bright dress that is fun and that will keep you cool. If it turns out to be a colder spring day, throw on a light sweater to cure your coldness.

Bohemian Floral

Wearing a long-sleeved, knee length dress to a Spring wedding assures you that you will be dressed right for the ever-changing Spring weather. Adding a boho touch and floral print to your outfit will give you a fresh, comfortable style that will make you look adorable on the day of the wedding. Tis the season to be floral, so take advantage of that girly Spring fashion on the day of your friend’s wedding.

Preppy Pastels

Pastel colors in the Spring give a posh and preppy feel, which is perfect for a wedding. Wearing a dress that is a pastel color adds to the romance of the wedding. Adding visual interest with a cut out will differentiate your dress from all of the others and will make you feel cool if it is an especially hot Spring day.


What to Wear to a Summer Wedding

Ah, the season of weddings. If you have a lot of friends that are engaged, then there is a good chance that many of them are getting married during the summer. It can be hard to dress for a summer wedding, especially if it is an outdoor wedding. But if you want some great ideas, check out the outfits below!

Long Maxi

Maxis can actually be cooling and less hot, if loose enough! Stay cool with a strappy or short sleeved maxi dress, or incorporate a maxi skirt and nice tank top.

Bright and Colorful Short Dress

Bright and colorful dresses are perfect for spring and summer weddings! Bright florals, fun prints, and funky colors make for the perfect short dress. Combined with a pair of sandals or flip flops (depending on how casual or fancy the wedding is), you have the perfect look! If you are attending an outdoor wedding, remember that the sun loves dark colors, especially black. So the lighter, the better!


Rompers are a fun alternative to dresses or skirts. Once again, it depends on how fancy or casual the wedding your attending is. If you can dress up your romper with some accessories and heels or strappy gladiator sandals, go for it! If you are tentative, it is probably best to go with a dress.


What to Wear to a Beach Wedding

Beach weddings can be fun, but also complicated, to dress for! Are beach weddings fancy or casual? How do I dress appropriately for walking in sand? Check out some of the outfit ideas below if you are confused on what to wear to a beach wedding.

Hi-Low Maxi

A hi-low maxi dress is perfect for a bride who wants to cover up a bit more, but does not want her dress dragging on the ground in the sand. These dresses are normally very lightweight as well, making them comfortable for sitting outside.

 Alana Side Draped Dress

Want to make your beach get up more classy an dressy? A draped dress like the one above is perfect! With a pair of wedged sandals, you are ready to hit the beaches.


Once again, rompers are a great choice, especially for a beach wedding! If you want to keep your swimsuit on underneath of your romper for some late night swimming in the ocean after the reception, a romper will easily hide the swimsuit and make it easy to change later! Once again though, make sure you either dress up the romper for a fancier wedding or dress it down for a more casual wedding.


What to Wear to a Wedding: Men


Males are typically the less interested party when it comes to fashion, but they can be tempted to make inappropriate choices when it comes to wedding attire. While a male guest may not risk wearing the same color of the groomsmen, the same silhouette as the groom, or the same tuxedo as the father of the bride, he could disrespect the married couple in other ways. Male guests should strive to avoid dressing less formally than the rest of the guests, more formally than the others, or with mismatched clothing pieces.


What to Wear to a Fall Wedding

Fall weddings are simply wonderful. Bring on the chilly weather and warm hot apple cider with some of these great wedding attire ideas for men!


This is definitely for a more casual wedding. If you know the wedding is fancy, then plaid for a male is probably out of the question. If you do not want to go full plaid, you can incorporate a plaid bow tie as an accent with his suit.

Darker Colors

As a general rule of thumb, when it is cold outside, darker colors are in store. The same goes for male wedding attire. If attending a fall or winter wedding, grey, black, and dark navy are solid color choices. For a more fancy wedding, dark navy or grey suits are definitely more in style. For a more casual wedding, tan pants with a belt and suit jacket are a great combination.


What to Wear to a Winter Wedding

Winter wonderland weddings are magical and cozy. Not only is it a time to bring everyone together for the holidays or snow, but a time to celebrate warm love! Stay warm with these awesome outfit ideas!


If it is a casual wedding, a sweater with a nice shirt underneath and tan pants or khakis are a nice combo. If chilly outside, a plaid scarf is a handsome accent as well.

Darker Colors

Just like fall weddings, the darker the color the better! Grey suits with a navy collared shirt underneath and a blue tie is a great choice, or a dark navy suit with a deep red would be a solid choice as well. Definitely go with a suit if it is a more classy wedding.


What to Wear to a Spring Wedding

Spring is the best weather. It is never too hot or humid, but never to cold that you are freezing the whole time. Spring is definitely a popular wedding season, and the rain doesn’t stop brides either! For some great wedding attire ideas to make a statement, check out the suggestions below!

Lighter Colors

When it comes to spring and summer weddings, the lighter the color, the better! If the invites call for a more casual outdoor wedding, then jeans and a tan jacket are a great option. If more on the fancy side, a light blue or tan suit are great options as well! When it comes to a color palette for men’s wedding attire in the spring and summer, tan, light grey, red, green, and other pastels are ideal.


What to Wear to a Summer or Beach Wedding

It can get rather warm when it comes to summer weddings! But most likely, that is when a lot of your weddings are. As a guy, it can be hard to stay cool when wearing suits. So consider these ideas below when speculating attire ideas for the next summer wedding.

 Lighter Colors

Just like a spring wedding, lighter colors are the way to go, especially during an outdoor wedding! Keep it casual with some navy pants and a red jacket, or dress it up a bit more with tan pants, a collared shirt, and a nice tie. If it is a black tie event, then a full suit is definitely a must. But keep the colors light to match the mood!


If attending a beach or hot summer wedding, and it is considered casual, then shorts are definitely okay. But only if it is casual! It is still a good idea to dress it up a bit with a tie or bow tie, as well as a lightweight and light colored suit jacket.




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