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Pros and Cons of Baby Slings

Have you been toying with the idea of trying out a baby sling for some time now? It’s important to note that any baby feature is going to have pros and cons, but I hope that this article can assist you in what you need to know!

baby slings

Pros of Baby Slings:

1. Access

No one is denying that it can be a big pain sometimes when you have young kids to have your hands available. Especially if you have multiple children constantly reaching for your hands, but you have to hold your newborn securely. The wrap will give you the access to wander the aisles of a grocery store, move around your home, and even enjoy the outdoors.

2. Skin to skin contact

In a sling the baby is resting securely under your chest. This will promote bonding with your children. It will also enable your baby to fall asleep more easily because of the constant rocking motion.

3. Communication

Because the baby will now be even closer to you than they were before, they can observe your communication styles. This could include non-verbal skills and language skills.

Cons of Baby Slings:

1. Difficulty

For someone who has never used a sling before, it can be a complicated process to figuring it out. Watch this video  to learn great tips for how to set up your baby sling!

2. Weather

It can be hard enough for us to let our own hair stick to us when the weather is hot and humid, let alone our own baby. It can become cumbersome and tiring to carry a newborn all day in the sun. Make sure that you are wise when you decide to use your sling for the day. Always check the weather forecast before going out with the baby sling all day.

3. Safety

By far the biggest concern for any parent that is looking to adopt a baby sling, is the safety factor. It is always going to be safer carrying your baby in a pram, mostly because you can trip at any moment, fall, or just bump into someone. Though it has many distinct advantages, as a mother you need to know your body, the location you are going to, and the walkways that are in place to see if the baby sling would be safe for the day.

Our Solution:

The WildBird Ring Sling! This baby sling is quickly climbing all the must watch lists for any mother.

baby slings

The Wildbird ring sling was developed by a fabulous mama who wanted a quick, easy, and stylish sling.

I hope that these tips can assist you in preparing you to know if a baby sling is the right choice for you and your family. Feel free to SHARE pictures of yourself in your baby sling on our Facebook page!



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