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Plan Your Harry Potter Pregnancy With This How-To Guide

Having a themed pregnancy is not something new. From cute little bows and ribbons to big monster trucks and fire engines, themed pregnancies are all the rage. While we can credit tradition for all the themed pregnancies we have seen each season, this next one is all due in part by J.K. Rowling. The creator of the Harry Potter series has sparked a wave of “Harry Potter pregnany syndrome” From the birth announcements to the baby shower, Harry Potter pregnancies have taken over.

If you happen to be an expectant mother and are in love with the adventures of Harry Potter and his crew, then this is for you. We have got your go-to guide for everything you need to know about having a Harry Potter pregnancy. From capturing the Harry Potter theme in your family photos, to your baby announcements, we have got you covered. Let’s get the magic started! 

Baby Announcement 

Once you find out you are expecting, announce it the way any Hogwarts witch or wizard would. Send out your pregnancy announcements. You can get so creative with this one because there are an array of Harry Potter pregnancy announcements that you can choose from. If you really want to get creative, you can make your own. Be sure to express that Baby Potter is on their way. Don’t forget to list the date of birth by referencing it as “the magic begins…”

When you send out your announcement is completely up to you. You can wait until you have had your maternity shoot. (This way you can include a photo of your pregnant belly.) Or you can announce it before you even start showing. Many parents choose to wait until they are well into their second trimester to announce they are pregnant. If you choose instead to send out baby shower invites in place of announcements, then don’t forget to make that equally as magical.

Rock Your Harry Potter Photo Shoot

Show off your Harry Potter pregnancy with the ultimate Harry Potter photo shoot. Photos are a great way to express what is unique about your family. If Harry Potter is a part of your pregnancy, then show it off!

Don’t forget to leave out a touch of magic from your maternity photo shoot. How far you go with the magic is up to you. You can have his and her magic wands with the little miniature magic wand to represent your new baby. Be sure to include a bunch of props and quotes to reflect your Harry Potter pregnancy too. When it comes to props, take general props like a witch’s hat and put a spin on it so that it has a touch of Harry Potter magic. Take a spin on the classic maternity pose of baby booties. Instead of photographing the baby booties alone, sneak in your witch’s hat in the background, or nestle it behind the baby booties. Don’t forget to use plenty of props for your photoshoot. Some great props can include the trademark Harry Potter scarf, with the infamous sorting hat. 

Be sure to have plenty of chalkboards around too. Write cute little quotes like “the spell has been cast” and hold it along your belly as you get photographed during your maternity photos. You can get as creative as you want with your photo shoot. But be sure that your Harry Potter magic is alive and present in all your photos.

Credit: The Pod Photography 

Photo Booth

Speaking of Photo Sessions, a great addition to any baby shower is a Harry Potter photo booth. This photo booth will be the perfect setting for your baby shower guests to pop into and snap a photo. Be sure to have photo booth props that are centered around Harry Potter for your Harry Potter pregnancy. Shop online for some custom made Harry Potter hand props for your photo booth. If you would prefer, you can even make your own Harry Potter pregnancy photo booth props.

Skip The Baby Shower Dress

If you want to have a Harry Potter pregnancy, then one of the best ways to display it is on the day of your baby shower. More specifically, you are going to want to start off with your pregnancy dress. Swap out your pregnancy dress for a Hogwarts school uniform. We love this idea because you don’t have to spend loads of money either. You can custom make your Hogwarts school uniform for next to nothing!

For your DIY uniform, you’ll need to get your hands on a black graduation gown. The best place to get a black graduation gown is that any thrift store. Loads of Goodwills and Salvation Armys recycle graduation gowns especially when it is close to summer and in the middle of summer. Once you have your gown, you will need to Hogwarts it up. You can purchase an emblem of the Hogwarts school online for relatively cheap. Once you get your hands on a gown, you will need to iron your emblem on it. Aim for one of the shoulders so that it is visible.

​Next, you want to get your hand on the classic Hogwarts school scarf. Don the Hogwarts scarf on your baby shower. Finally, top off your look by rocking a magic wand. Carry it around or assemble it into your hair if you are doing an updo. Now, you are all set for your Harry Potter pregnancy. To add a hint of style to your outfit, you can wear your gown open with a cute little black dress underneath that shows off your belly.

Say It With A Cake Pop

Cake pops are awesome. They are easy to make, (just follow the best kept secret here). They are simple to wrap and distribute. And finally, you can custom make them so that they fit virtually any occasion. A must have at your Harry Potter pregnancy shower is including Harry Potter cake pops. If you need to have some centerpieces, cake pops make a perfect choice. You can even arrange them and place them on your main table (if you have one). These cake pops can be an array of colors including brown, orange and yellow. You may even want to customize some with the logo of specific Hogwarts classes. Find little Harry Potter cake toppers and include them onto your cake pops. For example, you may want to put the emblem of the house of Slytherin on some and emblems of Gryffindor on others. Here is an easy tip. Instead of trying to decorate right on your cake pop, you can make customized toppers using some chocolate, piping bags, and wax paper. Simply design your emblem using your (colored) chocolate on to your wax paper. Let the design cool in the freezer. Then, once frozen, you can peel them off and place them right on your cake pop. The awesome thing about cake pops is that the designs are endless for a Harry Potter Pregnancy. So have fun with it!

Final Thoughts

Having a themed pregnancy is not just awesome, but memorable. Create lasting memories with your Harry Potter pregnancy. Don’t forget to have lots of photos to store in your… you guessed it, Harry Potter themed photo album. Wherever your Harry Potter Pregnancy takes you, one thing remains certain. Your Harry Potter pregnancy will be as fun as it is magical, so be sure to soak it all up!

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