HOFISH 3PACK Full Bust Seamless Nursing Maternity Bras Bralette Product Review

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This nursing bra is made of out 92% nylon and 8% spandex.  Your purchase of this bra includes 3 bras, 2 bra clips, and 3 matching bra extenders that are made to ensure maximum comfort.  The bra features one-hand access, adjustable shoulder straps, a hook and eye closure, and easy drop cups for convenient feeding.  It is seamless, side widening, and extra supportive.  The bras feature removable molded foam cups that are 100% breathable.  A buttery-soft fabric should feel soft next to your skin.  This bra is made to have a comfortable fit with full coverage support.

Best Features

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    3 pack
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    Extenders/Extra Hooks
HOFISH 3 Pack Ultra-Soft Modal Nursing Sleep Bra For Maternity/Breastfeeding With Removable Pads
  • Made from ultra-soft Modal and an elastic free under bust, comfortable for Sleeping/Sporting/Normal Wear
  • Easy pull-aside, breastfeeding access (no clasps or hooks to mess with). Wire free. Pads included
  • Offers full coverage & gentle support during pregnancy while sleeping. Whether pregnant, breastfeeding, or none-of-the-above, you will enjoy the comfort and style this bra offers and reach for it time and again from your drawer

What Other People Are Saying

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As of today there are 4,655 customer comments and 224 answered questions on Amazon for the Hofish 3 Pack Full Bust Seamless Nursing Maternity Bra Bralette.  I've read through the customer feedback and then condensed the information into this report.  I hope that this helps you when shopping for a nursing bra.


nursing bras

The bottom line for me, for any clothing, comes down to how comfortable it is.  For a bra, this is going to be especially important.  If you are pregnant or nursing, it's even more important since you may be suffering from sore nipples and fluctuating breast sizes by the hour.  The feedback concerning the comfort of this bra was very positive.

I'll quote one customer response on the comfort factor here,

"What a life saver for my second pregnancy. I literally wanted to burn every bra I owned out of sheer frustration (not feminine empowerment) when I hit my second trimester of pregnancy. I tried everything I owned- anything with an underwire was soooo uncomfortable and rubbed my belly, all my sports bras felt like they cut off circulation, and my T-shirt bras did not provide enough support. I am sooo happy with these bras, they give the perfect amount of support and comfort, and it's so awesome that they include extension straps for when you grow a bit with pregnancy/breastfeeding."


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Women really appreciated the bra extenders.  The extenders make it nice because cup sizes can change drastically in pregnancy and while nursing.  If you are nursing, you have probably already noticed that your breast sizes can fluctuate by the hour depending on if you just nursed your baby or if you are ready to nurse.

Some women referred to the extenders as extra hooks.  Here is one mother's feedback on the extenders,

"These fit well as nursing bras and are easy to use for breastfeeding as well as pumping. I also love that they come with the extender, which is perfect to accommodate the regular size fluctuations of a nursing mother."

Great Price

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You can hardly beat the price on these bras because you are getting a 3 pack.  Many women were drawn in to trying these bras out because of the price.  One mother explained it this way,

"I was skeptical at first about buying this bra. The price for the value seemed almost too good be true. I took a chance anyways and I am so impressed! I had spent $50 for one bra similar to these and it lasted me 2 years of pretty continuous wear, but I hated having only one bra. So when I has in the market for another, I found these."


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A tricky thing with trying to find a supportive bra is to find one that is supportive without being too constrictive. Tight bras might work great for small chested woman, but even for small cup sizes, the rules change when nursing.  Breast sizes when nursing can increase from hour to hour, so a tight bra can quickly become very constrictive.

The reviews left by women who wore this bra, reflected that this is a bra that is both supportive and not constricting. Here is one comment on support,

"I liked these so much I bought a second set. Great nursing bra, supportive without being constricting. Gives me as much shape as my underwire nursing bras from last time did without the discomfort of the wire when I get engorged. These are flexible enough in size adjustments to have worked for third trimester straight into new infant and high milk production."


The Hofish 3 Pack Full Bust Seamless Nursing Maternity Bra Bralette are great priced bras that are reported to be comfortable and non-constricting.  The extenders are a talked about selling point that women like because they allow for changing cup sizes.  Not only do you get 3 bras for a great price, but the extenders also allow for more size adjustments.  If you are not wanting to spend a lot and still want comfort in your nursing bra, then I recommend trying the Hofish 3 Pack Full Bust Seamless Nursing Maternity Bra Bralette.

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