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24 Baby Names That Mean Life That Are Too Sweet To Pass Up

Choosing a baby name for your little one can either be a piece of cake or a challenge.  You may choose a name the day you find out you are pregnant, or you may wait until you deliver your little bundle of joy.  Whether you just found out you were pregnant today or your due date is coming up soon, I am here to help you pick out a baby name that means "life".  There are so many baby names that mean life.  Some of them are more popular than others, but it is such a beautiful meaning to a name.  Let's dive in and take a look at the top names that mean "life".

Baby Boy Names That Mean Life

names that mean life

Let's begin by taking a look at baby boy names that mean "life".  Some of these names are popular, but most of these baby boy names are unique and unpopular.  You can keep those names alive by using it for your baby boy.  These names that mean "life" are perfect for your little one.


Amr is an Arabic male name.  It means "life" or "long living".  This name is sometimes mistakenly written as Omar, which has a similar meaning to this name.  It is pronounced similar to Omar.


This baby boy's name is not too popular, but it is still very attractive and unique.  Meaning "life", this name got ranked #732 on the popularity chart for 2017.  The origin of this name is Hebrew.


In Latin, Guy means a person who has a spirit of living this life happily.  If your baby boy is always happy, or if you are hoping he will always be happy, this is the perfect name to choose.


This is a popular name with a nice meaning.  The name Jimmy means "people with this name are cautious in every step and experience of their life".  Therefore, this name doesn't mean "life", but it does mean that he will be careful in life.


Umar is an old Arabic name that means "life" and "long living".  It is a variant of the name Omar.  But unlike Omar, which is pronounced as OH-mahr, Umar is pronounced as UW-Maa-R.


Wit is a simple name with a simple meaning:  "life".  But just because it is simple doesn't mean it's not unique.  As of 2018, the name Wit was #5,428 in the popularity chart.  This means that not many people have this name.  You can keep the name Wit alive by naming your baby boy that name.


This is another unique name that you may not have heard about before.  Although it is pronounced differently in different countries, it is usually pronounced as YEH-Vah.  The meaning of this name is "life".


The name Zoilo is a baby boy's name of Spanish origin meaning "life".  It is very similar to the name Zoe, which is a girl's name.  As you will see later in this article, Zoe is one of the names that mean life.

Baby Girl Names That Mean Life

names that mean life

Looking for a sweet baby girl name that means "life"?  While many of these baby girl names below are popular, others are unique and are not heard of often.  Here are eight baby girl names that mean "life".


Aisha comes from Arabic and Swahili.  It is pronounced as eye-EE-sha.  The meaning of this name is "Living and Prosperous".  This unique girl's name was ranked the #549 on popularity charts for 2017.  If you are looking for a unique baby name for your girl, this is a perfect name to try.


Beth, which is short for Elizabeth, means "Breath Of Life".  In addition to meaning life, the name Elizabeth also means Oath Of God and God Is Satisfaction.  This name is also the name of Queen Elizabeth I and Queen Elizabeth II of England.


Chaya is a Hebrew name that means "life", "alive", and "living".  The name Chaya can be pronounced in many different ways.  It can be pronounced as high-ah, ky-ah, or shy-ah.  The way you want it pronounced is totally up to you.  Most people pronounce it like ky-ah.


The name Ella is beautiful in many ways.  First, the name Ella means "One who enjoys life".  But this name also means "One who is a beautiful fairy".  Both meanings to this name are beautiful and full of life.  This would make the perfect name for any baby girl.


The origin of this name is Hebrew and Russian.  Eva simply means "Life" or "Living one", but that doesn't make it ordinary.  This unique name is perfect for any baby girl that is lively.


Similar to Eva, Eve is a Hebrew name that means "life", "living", "lively".  The meaning of this name comes from the biblical character Eve who was "the mother of all the living". Thus, the meaning of this name is "living".


Vivian, which is also spelled as Viviana, Vivien, and Vivienne, is a baby girl name that means Full of life.  Many of these variations, such as Vivien, also means Vibrant.  For a little girl with lots of energy, this name would be perfect.


Zoe can be spelled in many different ways.  It can be spelled as Zoelie, Zoi, Zoie, Zoja, and Zowie.  However, all of those names mean the same thing:  Life.  The simple meaning behind this name is beautiful and to the point.  It is perfect for lively girls who are indeed full of life.

Unisex Baby Names That Mean Life

names that mean life

What's nice about a unisex baby name is that you can choose it long before you know the gender of your baby.  Even if you decide not to know the gender of your baby until he or she is born, you can still choose a name ahead of time.  Here is a list of unique unisex names that mean "life".


Chaitanya is an Indian name that means "The one filled with radiance and life".  It is pronounced as K-ayTaeNYaa or K-ayTaeNYuw.  Although this is a unisex name, it is most commonly used as a baby girl name.


The name Ejomafuvwe is a unique name with a beautiful meaning.  The meaning for this name is "Let peace reign in my life".  Variations of this name include Jomafu and Jomafuvwe, which are most commonly used as boy names.


Hayat can be used as a girl's or boy's name.  For girls, the name simply means "life".  For boys, however, the name also means "existence".


Kelsey is a unisex baby name that means "A Treasure Of Life".  In Irish, this name also means "Brave".  Although Kelsey can be used as a girl name, it is most popular as a boy name.  That said, the popularity of Kelsey as a girl's name has gone up this past year. Whether you use this name as a boy or girl's name, it is still a beautiful name that describes your child as a treasure of life.


This Hawaiian baby name can be used for both boys and girls.  The meaning of this name is "The Life".  Although this name can be used for baby girls, it is most commonly used as a baby boy name.


Similar to Keola, Keomi is a unisex name that means "The Life".  It is pronounced as keo-mi.  It is a Hawaiian baby name.


Tao is a Chinese name that means "long living".  It can be used as either a baby boy or girl's name.


Vida means "lifetime".  In Italian, Vida also means "The beautiful life".  It is most popular as a boy's name, but this would make a beautiful girl's name as well.

Final Thoughts

names that mean life

I hope that this article has inspired you to name your child with one of these names that mean life.  As you can see, there are a lot of names that mean life.  Some of them are popular names, but most of them are unique and unpopular.  In this article, I went over boy's names that mean life, girl's names that mean life, and unisex names that mean life. Hopefully, this article will help you pick a name for your little one.  Have fun!

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