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Too Many Cooks In The… Bridal Party??

You and your fiance have a ton of friends and you want to have all your loved ones included in your big day. But how do you give them all a part that is useful to not only yourself but to them as well? How many bridesmaids it too many? Although there isn’t a set number that you must have or shouldn’t have, how will you know your limit on choosing your number of bridesmaids to have in your ceremony.



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Budgeting for your wedding is the first place that you should start when you begin wedding planning. If you set your budget, be sure to budget in your wedding party as well. The bride and groom pay for an array of things for their wedding party. Be sure to budget at least $500 for each person (the hair and makeup, flowers, hospitality, gifts, and transportation). If you don’t use your allotted budget that you’ve set for your girls then you can use the rest elsewhere later!

Too Many

Too many bridesmaids can be overwhelming to your wedding party. It is so nice to have support and love on your big day but remember that this is your day. A more formal wedding has six or more attendants in addition to the maid of honor on each side whereas a more casual wedding has three to five including the maid of honor.

 Not Enough

There is no such think as “not enough”. For more intimate weddings, you may only have one attendant on each side. This not only cuts down your cost, but this also makes for a smaller, more intimate style and feel to your ceremony if that is what you want to go for.


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If you have people in your lives that had you take a part in their wedding, it does not mean that you have to give them a part in your wedding. You were honored to be a part of their wedding and they would be an honor to take a part in yours but it isn’t necessary. If you only have room for your maid of honor and two maids, then that is ok. Rumor has it, you do not need feel obligated to include those that included you; It’s your wedding!



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This may seem like a weird subject to include in figuring the number of people to include in your wedding party, but your photographer (depending on their experience) can work miracles with the number of bridesmaid that you have.. Or don’t have..

They can stager them if you have an unequal amount on each side so that it will not be noticeable in pictures; Thus making your photos seem to be equal and symmetric. Let your photographer know the specs of your wedding party before hand so they can place a plan together!


Too many or not enough. No matter the size of your bridal party, all that matters at the end of the day is that you are married to the one you’ve chosen to love for all of time to come. Figure your budget out together and plan to have the people that you can’t “live without” to stand by your side, whether that is two are twelve, no worries. Plan with love and sense and you’ll have no problems! Happy planning!

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