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Top Gorgeous Hairstyles of 2018

2016 has been a big year full of big events and even bigger hairstyles. The wedding hairstyles of 2018 are very trendy and classic. Make sure your hair follows trend on your wedding day with one of the top gorgeous hairstyles of 2018!

Gorgeous Braids

A good old fashioned braid is a beautiful trend that has been appearing more and more in weddings. The braid of 2018 is more difficult and complicated to make and look at. There are thousand of braid tutorials out there that will have you replicate jaw-droppingly beautiful hairstyles that are normally easy to execute. Have your bridesmaids compete in a braiding contests for who gets to do your hair on your wedding day!


Floral Accessories

A beautiful 2016 trend that is known for its gentle, feminine beauty, using flowers in place of accessories are a must have for a boho chic wedding. Being able to choose whatever flowers you want in your hair, flower accessories, paired with a simple hairstyle, is a lovely addition to your wedding dress and accessories.






Boho Princess

Flower crowns, much like the flower accessories above, have been on the rage this year, and there is definitely a reason why, because they are so cute! Not only are they inexpensive, you can DIY your own flower crown, but it is also a staple of 2018 that you will be able look back on and smile about when reminiscing on your wedding pictures. If you are looking for a statement piece to wear on your big day, the flower crown is perfect for you.


Long & Luscious

Keeping your hair down on your wedding day will make your hair look long and luscious. By teasing your hair and incorporating details, such as braids and accessories, your wedding hairstyle will fall perfectly in line with the wedding hairstyle trends of 2018. 2016 is the year of gorgeous, ever flowing long hair, so it makes sense to incorporate that aspect in your wedding hairstyle. Keep your “do” simply by leaving it down and flowing for your big day.


Intricate Updo

An updo that is full of intricate details and placing of hair is one of the biggest wedding hairstyle trends of 2018. Most common among brides with simpler, more detailed dresses, this hairstyle is perfect for displaying the gown and perfectly shaping the bride’s face. A fancier and more advanced updo, the intricate designs put a twist on the classic wedding hairstyle to make it more modern and trendy.

Hidden Jewels

The accent of jewels in hair is becoming an increasingly popular trend of 2018. Whether they are placed in braids, updos, or down hair, they are look beautiful. This choice of hairstyle for a wedding is glamorous and feminine and will leave the bride gleaming as she walks down the aisle. This is a staple of 2018 weddings that is sure to continue on for ages.

Simple Pull-Back

The classic, simple updo is becoming a popular choice for brides today, not only does it not require a lot of work, but it looks effortless and gorgeous. There are tons of choices that will fit any bride that will perfectly compliment their wedding. Timeless updos are the way to go if you are looking for a hairstyle trend that will never go out of style.

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