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7 Things You Must Do After You Get Your Wedding Dress

Congratulations!!! You’ve found the dress!!! Now that you’ve trekked on your journey to find the perfect dress, you may wonder what to do next. It would be ideal if we could say that “Getting married” would be the exact next step, but unfortunately, we cannot. So what are the steps that we take after make the grand purchase?

1. Get Your Undergarments

Click the picture to buy!

Click the picture to buy!

Depending on the style of the dress you have chosen, you will need some sort of undergarment to go with your gown. A lot of the time, dresses are transparent, even with all the layers. Obtaining the perfect undergarment is key for your dress. You can get this anywhere, but the boutique or shop where you purchased the dress in the first place, is probably your best bet. They would be able to fit you with the best “fitting” undergarments to fit the dress!

This should happen around the time your purchase the dress, eight to ten months before the big day!

2. Find a Hiding Spot

Shhhh!!! We don’t want the groom to see you dress!!! This is one secret that you will be glad that you kept! The reaction that your groom will have when you walk down the aisle toward him will be amazing. Keep your dress in a cool, dry spot. If that is at your parent’s house in your old closet, do it! But what ever you do, don’t let him see it!

3. Think About The Other Dresses

Other dresses? What other dresses? Bridesmaids dresses, of course! Your girls need to be in their finest dress on your big day. Be sure that you give your maids specifics on what you want in their dresses. If you have a dress already picked out, go with them to try them on so you can see how they will look. This will be your time to approve or deny the dresses that you chose; So think carefully!

Make sure you have these dresses at least six to nine months ahead of time! That way you leave plenty of time for alterations.

4. The Rings!!!

“With This Ring, I Thee Wed!”… So pick a good one! This is the time to go and pick your wedding bands. Will you have “match-y, match-y” bands or will you go with your individual styles?

Give yourselves at least four to six months to pick your rings and be sure that they are sized correctly. Once you have them, put them away for safe keeping!

5. Find Your Shoes

This step is important. You will be in your shoes all day… ALL Day, you feet will hurt and so will your back. Be sure to find shoes that will not only look good, but will be comfortable. Don’t forget about them when you go for alterations!

Keep in mind, you must have your shoes for your first alteration appointment!

6. Find Your Accessories

Do this with your girls or the MOB and the MOG. This will help you not only find the best look for you and your dress, but this will also give you your best look on one of the best days of your life!

7. Alterations

When you budget for you dress, you may not budget for alterations. Hopefully you carefully thought it out, but incase you didn’t, we got that covered for you. Alterations are big, as you want to look your absolute best. None of us plan to have that awkward weight gain before our big day, but it happens to the best of us, so leaving the alterations until the end is for the best!

You final fitting should be a month or two before your big day!



So, there you have it! Seven things that you must do after you get your dress! Some of these things are no-brainers, of course, but when you’re running around like a chicken with your head cut off, you may want the reminder of what to do and when after you get your dress! And as you know, is there for you!  Happy planning!



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